CANCELLED2020 OOF Golf Outing

This year’s Ohio Optometric Foundation’s Annual Charity Golf Outing has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. The decision was made out of an abundance of caution given the relative unpredictability of the virus. Despite this cancellation, OOF will continue to advance its mission of improving the vision and eye health of children and other Ohioans in visual need by providing access to necessary eye care.

OOF is in the process of rethinking our care delivery for the 2020-2021 school year. We know each school district will look slightly different, but few, if any, will allow people in from outside the school community. As part of that process, we are surveying school nurses and administrators throughout Ohio to find out what their students need in terms of vision care and how they think OOF can best help. Ultimately, the iSee program’s ability to set up two lanes of care for multiple days with a dozen or more volunteers will be curtailed this year. This is where you may be able to help.

If you are an eye care provider, we may be asking you to provide a few extra exams per month to students who do not have vision insurance or lost it due to the pandemic. OOF has enough resources to be help defray the cost of materials, which is something we have been doing on a limited basis for several years.

We are disappointed that we won’t be seeing you this year on the golf course. But like many organizations, we are using this time to take stock of where we are and count our blessings for those who have provided incredible support to get us there. Because of you, thousands of children throughout Ohio have received eye care that they may not have received otherwise. In one way or another, OOF will continue to provide that care. We look forward to working with you to make that happen and we will be reaching out later this year with details for an even better golf outing in 2021.


The Ohio Optometric Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Shane Foster, President, Athens
Dr. Marcella Pipitone, Vice-President, Cleveland
Mr. Keith Kerns, Secretary-Treasurer, Columbus
Dr. John Archer, Trustee, Bowling Green
Dr. Katherine Fisher, Trustee, Springboro
Ms. Angie Hartman, Trustee, Cincinnati
Dr. Tracey Needham, Trustee, Rossford
Ms. Shana Smith, Trustee, Canton
Mr. Jeff Szymanski, Trustee, Toledo
Mr. Greg Tapocsi, Trustee, Columbus